13 09 2010

Emily and I lunched on chilaquiles for the second day in a row, and it was glorious.

This barely counts as a recipe; this is that delicious quick thing you throw together when you feel mega low-effort. This is why you keep your fridge stocked with eggs, salsa verde, and corn tortillas at all times. This is the powerluncher’s dream.

This is the recipe.

Isana Kobayashi style.

makes: you choose. 2 tortillas + 3 eggs makes a light lunch for two.
time: 5 minutes if you’re slow.

corn tortillas – maybe two, how hungry are you? You can get these from Corte Inglés if you must, but I spied a “Comida Latina” store somewhere near the center last night…
salsa verde – Corte Inglés also has this, but. See above.
eggs – I like 1.5 eggs per tortilla.
oil – neutral is best but I have been making do with “Sabor Intenso” olive oil, so…
queso fresco – totally optional, totally delicious, totally cheap in Spain

1. Cut tortillas into bite-size strips.

2. Heat up some oil til it’s pretty hot. Toss tortillas in oil to coat and sprinkle with salt to taste; allow to brown til beautiful.

3. Beat eggs in a bowl on the side. Pour into pan when tortillas look ready. Scoot them around with a spatula, flipping as needed, until softly scrambled.

4. Turn off heat. Pour in desired amount of salsa verde. Top with queso fresco if desired and munch.

Cien Montaditos

9 09 2010

In the midst of piso-hunting today, Sam and I managed to meet up at 100 Montaditos, a chain of restaurants known for – can you guess? – one hundred different teeny sandwiches. You order via checking boxes on an extensive menu card, which includes the hundred sammies plus drinks and such. I went for tortilla con salsa brava, carne con guacamole, and jamon york con cebolla crujiente y compote de frutas rojas, plus a cold caña.

Oh baby. These are toasty lil buddies, and massively satisfying (especially the guac… yes please). I totally want to try them all, and they’re just an euro apiece.

This “caña” was also a euro. Jeez. No wonder this place is popular with Erasmus kids.