El Día de Acción de Gracias – fotopost

27 11 2010

The warm-up.

Serious ambientación courtesy of Emily’s resourcefulness.

Top-notch hostess Sam introduces the best of American cuisine to Madrid:
caramelized corn with fresh mint
sausage stuffing
cranberry sauce spiked with orange zest
gooey mac-n-cheese
buttered green beans tossed with slivered almonds and cranberries
pumpkin cloverleaf rolls
crescent rolls
mashed ‘taters
fiery sweet potatoes
green bean casserole
cinnamon apples
brined and dressed turkey (!!!)
brined and dressed chicken

And the encore:
pumpkin pie
apple pie
pecan pie
fresh whipped cream

10 Things To Love About Mesa, AZ

3 09 2010

1. Emerging from an icebox restaurant into the blinding heat of a desert summer. Refusing to turn on the A/C. Allowing your skin to crisp its tingly way back to the scalding outside temperature.

2. Wide open, speed-camera-free highways winding alongside red and purple mountains.

3. Mekong Market. They even have pre-shredded green papaya!!

3.5. Endless entrail soup at unPhogettable. (I know, the name would be unPhogivable if not for that broth. Oh that broth!)

4. Obliterating desert storms at night, furiously rolling through rock and sand and onto our roof, quenching the parched dirt and stirring the bowels of the earth.

5. Rosati’s thin-crust Valentino.

6. Quail families scampering across the street in a frantic peeping parade.

7. Massive amounts of water assumed necessary – and thus, free – in every eating establishment.

8. Starbucks while grocery shopping.

9. Universal acceptability of flip-flops and tank tops.

10. The Torkington kitchen.