con tomates Search Terms

28 09 2011

WordPress keeps track of all sorts of stats, including how exactly it is that people end up browsing con tomates in the first place. The majority of you are either frequent readers or brought here through my Facebook links, but there’s a steady trickle of visitors who blindly stumble across the site through search engines. For the most part, the searches are fairly relevant, but there’s enough non sequiters in the data that I thought I’d organize it for scientific purposes.

The Number One Non-Fulbright-Related Topic
llaollao sanum
llao llao sanum
llaollao yogurt
yogurt llao llao
helado de yogurt sanum
llaollao madrid
ice cream llaollao
llaollao natural yoghurt
llao llao callao
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llao llao yogurt precio sanum
llaollao a madrid
llaollao yugurt icecream
llao llao helados
sanum llao
llao llao yogurt sanum
llaollao ice cream

A Decent Piecemeal Summary Of The Past Year
master crumble musli
synonym for “honorable chair”
feldman el arte tiene derecho a ser malo
sriracha sauce madrid spain
cardboard capitan america
lettuce sorbet
cebolla crujiente como 100 montaditos
golden leggings
late afternoon talking on couch
fiestas de hipsters

Tentacled Friends
small octopus frozen how 2 cut up

what is feels like to work the help desk
what type of olive oil is sabor intenso
where can i buy challah in madrid?
i need a paragraph with adverbs and adjetives

beautiful knick knacks
feng shui purple bathrooms
crowds heading in the same direction
chokolate ganaz
70s woven fat straps flipflops

Interimmer Summer: BuenBlogging

23 07 2011

Whilst con tomates stays put, I roam.

03/07/11: Ossipee: From Sabbaday Falls to Sardinas Picatonas

“Dawn breaks soft and gray on the lake, stretching its warm fingers through skylights to wake even the laziest of dreamers. Good morning, you’re in America.”


07/07/11: Boston: Beantown Blitz!

” We go wild over the texture of the octopus, which has clearly been grilled but bears zero resemblance to my rubbery Rocky Point attempt several years back. We guess at a pre-boil, which is later confirmed by our waitress; she explains that it’s also raked over a Spanish-style washboard such that the flesh is even further tenderized before hitting the coals.”


11/07/11: This is a post about eating in New York City.

Dough‘s blood orange doughnut dotted with candied peel opens our appetites. Oh my god. How long has it been since I’ve had a doughnut? And have I ever had one this good? We pair it with magnificent iced coffees laced with chicory from the mini-café stall just to the side.”


Semana Santa: BuenBlogging

29 04 2011

con tomates lives!! But was hanging out at Buen Camino for a spell during Semana Santa.

16/04/11: Barcelona: No Reservations (part one)

“No camera crew. No entourage. No screaming gobs of fans. Just Tony and Jose, checking out what’s new and old at La Boqueria. Jose’s talking jamon, then olives.”


16/04/11: Barcelona: No Reservations (part two)

We thank the guy sincerely – I’m sure he gets tired of dealing with fangirls, but was extraordinarily courteous about it nevertheless – and head back to our awaiting baby quail with smiles plastered across our faces.


18/04/11: Barcelona: #munching

Its appetizer twin is a cool cube of tuna accented with olive oil, a sliver of crunchy red onion, and an unmistakeably lettuce sorbet. We speculate as to why Eric doesn’t whip up lettuce sorbet at home for frequently.


21/04/11: Donostia: Seeking the Holy Grill

Etxebarri is absolutely legendary for its revolutionary grilling techniques; mastermind Victor Arguinzoniz designs innovative mechanisms specifically suited to ingredients never before subject to smoke and flame. We’re talking oddities like egg yolk, here, along with caviar – for the intrigued, our now intimate friend Tony Bourdain investigates in an excellent episode of No Reservations.


24/04/11: Madrid : Madrid :: Madrid : Madrid

Upon our arrival yesterday, I find myself filled with an enormous energy – I am in my city again. I know these streets, and they know me; we convene. MP has some big must-do Spanish Cultural Experiences sketched out as well, but I’m jazzed simply to be able to maplessly navigate again. Give me six more months and I’ll print up Experta Madrileña business cards.


Temporary Relocation for the Holidays

25 12 2010

con tomates is still alive and kicking – but its tireless author has been temporarily roped into the family blog cycle on Buen Camino. You voracious readers, you!

23/12/10: Segovia, Pedraza, Sepúlveda: Semipleno!!!!!

“The road to Pedraza is markedly less salty. We moderate our velocity accordingly, paying special attention not to plow into the swarms of crossing deer. After all, we wouldn’t want to be tardy to our most pressing order of business…”


27/12/10: From Bale-ncia to Sevilla: Paella and Whyanair

We attack the beast, snails and all – which, as it turns out, you eat with the aid of a toothpick, spearing the flesh in order that you might wrest it from its coiled shelly home.”


31/12/10: Sevilla Stereotypical: Cathedral and Flamenco (and Happy New Year!)

The haunting, warbling vocals, casting what sounds like eerie laments into the dark cool of the night, combined with frenetic guitar strums and picks just on the brink of discordant setting the aural scene; add to this superhuman clapping and stomping coordination and here enters the dancer, all tassels and snapping, hard heels insistent upon the echoing wood of the stage, savage fingers curling and cutting through the notes and the rhythm.