Fotopost: Oporto, Portugal

11 05 2012

note: I keep fiddling with Photoshop, playing with new toys and techniques as I discover them. Not sure how much the filters work on giving these the right feel, and looking at all the snaps at once in this post makes me want to go back to tweaking. I’ll post them regardless – they’re far overdue. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

O Galo de Barcelos marks the Oporto morning.

No post on Portugal is complete without pastéis de nata. The wiki tells us that they apparently are widely available in much of far-off Asia, and yet remain severely elusive in neighboring Madrid.

I’ve never been anywhere else in which I so desperately wanted to get lost.

The infamous Francesinha, doused in booze and dripping with cheese.

Crumbling tilework everywhere, made even more elaborate through age.

Unadulterated magic. The moment I decided.

As usual, into the night.




7 responses

11 05 2012

amazing colors!! unreal!

11 05 2012

thanks so much! glad you dig.

11 05 2012

Nice details, Janel! I love how the horizon in the shot with the bird is ever-so-slightly higher than normal.

As for pastéis de nata, I’ve seen ’em for sale at Mercado San Miguel but no where else. Any plans for a photo tutorial on these pastries?

11 05 2012

i baselessly decided mercado san miguel was cheating, and have managed to locate them in one other spot in the city… far too few precious pasteis are produced there per day to reveal the coordinates on the blog

13 05 2012


Cheating, you say?

Ha, leave it to you to sniff out the best pasteis in the city…

11 05 2012
Sunshine and Siestas

Whatever you’re doing, I like it!!

11 05 2012

gracias!! good to hear.

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