El Rastro: Photojaunt Meetup

6 05 2012

OKCupid’s overdone, intercambios are insipid, and you’re seriously cansada de Couchsurfing? Meetups are one solution. Folks of all ages and origins rally around shared interests, a proposal which manages to simply and swiftly avoid attracting the typical monochromic backpacking/expat crowd. My own meetup inauguration comes in the form of a photography scavenger hunt proposed around a Rastro afternoon. A prize is promised. I’m in.

We’re about a dozen that gather in Tirso de Molina at noon, the majority of necks slung proud with elaborate SLR electronics. My beat-up point-and-shoot Canon S90 is at the ready, though, and I all but ignore the proffered hunting list in favor of snapping a few choice frames in my own style.

Weary white tees in contrast to persistent yellow facades in contrast to struggling blue spring skies.

I got yelled at for this one. It’s true, I took it so I could copy the designs for personal profit.

Deals everywhere.

If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the heel.

I think this elegant guy works here – he looked to be sorting the records.


Gitanerias. Piles of books and records and postcards abound in El Rastro – discarded media from a different age.

What the gastronomically inclined did pre-internet.

The butt end of El Rastro, in a plaza near Puerta de Toledo. We’re talking serious opportunities here, ripe for hardcore combers and bargainers of all variety. I may have negotiated a capricho or two.

Afterwards, cheapo eats and drinks at 100 Montaditos, plus travel tips, official photo judging, and cell number exchanges. I didn’t win, but neither did I lose.



8 responses

7 05 2012
Sunshine and Siestas

Who notices that the gitanerías mag prominently features la señora de Sevilla? ONLY ME.

11 05 2012

haha, cool! didn’t know she had a title.

7 05 2012

Only I would notice the Domestic Sewing magazine behind the Sweet album.

11 05 2012

you would LOVE exploring el Rastro! there’s a serious amount of treasure that emerges onto the street every sunday.

11 05 2012

Great catch, Alice! A sewing maching also is prominently featured in the following post on Oporto. . .

10 05 2012

Hey! Nice little commentary you have going on the Madrid scene. Glad you liked the event (and got some great pics out of it)!

11 05 2012

thanks – was a great way to inspire me to bust out the camera again! looking forward to the next one con ganas.

11 05 2012

beautiful post; i love the rastro! i need to get bach to madrid asap!

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