GUEST INTERVIEW: Talking Thailand with Gee, Cassandra

7 03 2012

Co-Fulbrighter Casey Gambill’s Gee, Cassandra blog is one of the most professional and entertaining out there examining the Spanish experience. Her keen photographic eye provides consistently engaging imagery to illustrate her frequently amusing, ever-accurate observations of Spanish customs and culture in and out of the classroom. I’m lucky to have her as blogger comrade-in-arms, and was honored when she approached me a few weeks ago regarding the possibility of putting together a guest interview for her having to do with my experience teaching English in Thailand.

Just go. If you’re looking to teach English, living very well is quite easy. Get ready for nothing to be like you expect; come with mind and heart open. Do not forget your dancing shoes.

… respect/celebrate the culture around you as much as possible, in as many directions as that takes you: doing the wai, attempting a Thai-spicy som tam, being invited to midday karaoke and whiskey on the side of a mountain road while hitchhiking up north…

In the full interview, I manage to also hit on the joy of mangosteen, the usefulness of the phrase of phet phet mak, the glory of the klong boat public transport system, and the importance of having interests beyond buckets of Red Bull-vodka. Read it here.




2 responses

9 03 2012

Janel . This interview is great. It gave us a better understanding of your experience with Thailand’s culture. You and Casey work quite well together.

12 03 2012

I appreciate the kind words, Janel.

And I appreciate your collaboration, it was terrific to work with such a well-composed essay. Thanks for shedding light on your experience.

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