Tres Peces, Cinco Botellas

17 01 2012

Moved house. New year, new piso, new pisomates.

Same wine. Same weeknight dinner parties, different guest list.

Same croquetas. Croquetas is as croquetas does.

New deck, new dealer, new hand, new trump suit. New animal noises, fresh giggles, old bottles. Emerging hoots, ebullient hollers.

Far from the same old song and dance.



5 responses

17 01 2012
Sunshine and Siestas

LOVE the first shot!

19 01 2012

thanks!! gotta love the perspective distortion of a good glass of wine…

18 01 2012
Alex De Leon

Jolin! Que grupo mas guapo! ….and you made croquetas?!

19 01 2012

well naturally, the attractiveness of the new piso-mates was my number one concern.

i did NOT make croquetas. rocio made croquetas.

20 01 2012

What card game were you playing? Can’t wait to meet your new piso-mates!

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