The best is when you rediscover.

12 10 2011

When you walk down a familiar street at an unfamiliar hour and the lightstreams flow orange like eels through the infinite columns.

When splashy new streetart wizards its way onto walls.

When a new bar transforms to an old bar, and they greet you with a shout and open arms and Rioja.

When a friend’s face illuminates at the first taste of jamón ibérico de bellota, and you remember yours and you smile big and you experience all over again.

When the cast turns over completely, when the script goes to shit, when you have to start it all over again, when you find yourself on the verge of what appears a terrifying void left by past loves and past support beams, past pyramids you were so proud to have placed together stone by precious weighty stone, feeling safety in stability and the known.

When you realize what plunging ankledeep waistdeep neckdeep into those shifting swirling sands means, that precise instant of cognizance where color shifts a degree this way or that and things start to rotate, buzzing excitedly.

When you’re told tales of your own enthusiasm, when your image is as a crackling electric ouroboros, when production takes a running leap and ends up keeping pace at consumption’s side.

When you give all of it, when you are seeking for the pleasure of seeking, when you spread far and wide, when you keep nothing for yourself.

When your unfurled tendrils meet the nourishment of the city in glorious chlorophyll feast, blossoming million-petaled-beauties everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

Hola, year two. Vámonos.



6 responses

12 10 2011

Janel this is awesome. I’m a sucker for writing that drifts toward prose poetry, so I love your style in this one. Each experience you describe is perfectly conveyed.
Good work. Do more. Now.

13 10 2011

Thanks so much; I had a severe moment of hesitation before posting it since it’s much more personal than “Toledo! Tapas!” – but your enthusiasm really does make me want to share more of this kind of work. I do adore travel/food writing, but this piecemeal prose is what really tickles my fancy when we get down to brass tacks (and mixing metaphors).

13 10 2011

Beautiful writing.

When a friend’s face illuminates at the first taste of jamón ibérico de bellota, and you remember yours and you smile big and you experience all over again.

YES. Completely know this feeling 🙂

13 10 2011

Gracias Christine – I had a bunch of imagery floating around in my head, so I snagged what I could and tied it together. Glad to hear it resonated!

14 10 2011
Cassandra Gambill

Terrifically well-put.

I get tongue-tied simply trying to phrase how giddy it makes me to be able to revisit certain places, to be afforded the luxury of having favorites.

15 10 2011

simply love this.

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