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28 09 2011

WordPress keeps track of all sorts of stats, including how exactly it is that people end up browsing con tomates in the first place. The majority of you are either frequent readers or brought here through my Facebook links, but there’s a steady trickle of visitors who blindly stumble across the site through search engines. For the most part, the searches are fairly relevant, but there’s enough non sequiters in the data that I thought I’d organize it for scientific purposes.

The Number One Non-Fulbright-Related Topic
llaollao sanum
llao llao sanum
llaollao yogurt
yogurt llao llao
helado de yogurt sanum
llaollao madrid
ice cream llaollao
llaollao natural yoghurt
llao llao callao
llao llao
llao llao yogurt precio sanum
llaollao a madrid
llaollao yugurt icecream
llao llao helados
sanum llao
llao llao yogurt sanum
llaollao ice cream

A Decent Piecemeal Summary Of The Past Year
master crumble musli
synonym for “honorable chair”
feldman el arte tiene derecho a ser malo
sriracha sauce madrid spain
cardboard capitan america
lettuce sorbet
cebolla crujiente como 100 montaditos
golden leggings
late afternoon talking on couch
fiestas de hipsters

Tentacled Friends
small octopus frozen how 2 cut up

what is feels like to work the help desk
what type of olive oil is sabor intenso
where can i buy challah in madrid?
i need a paragraph with adverbs and adjetives

beautiful knick knacks
feng shui purple bathrooms
crowds heading in the same direction
chokolate ganaz
70s woven fat straps flipflops




6 responses

1 10 2011

This is so interesting. “70s Fat Woven FlipFlops???” I wonder how many people who stumble onto here stay here?

1 10 2011

you should definitely look at it for buencamino. oh hey, i think i can look at it for buencamino as well. a ver…

1 10 2011

no reservations barcelona
chicken etoufee
louisiana marsh
dark sunset

weird boxes on light poles
free sampling for hair products stalls
bbq baked olde salt oysters
spissitude spassitude
only chickeny
nizza repülötér

mother daughter trips
welcome to delfriscos

12 10 2011

Thanks! But – “Welcome to Del Friscos!!!???” Too funny. You’ll have to tell me how you get this info. Readership on Buencamino has been through the roof in the past couple of days. Who knows why?

12 10 2011

see that miniature bar graph on the bar at the top of the page? click that for a direct link to your stats page. from there you can check out data organized all sorts of ways.

from what i can tell, you’re getting a TON of hits from twowheeljournal – I can’t see the stats for that site, however, so i couldn’t tell you what people might specifically be looking for.

19 10 2011

lol. this is funny. in the last week on my blog, i’ve had:

we are 99 worthless majors
alcohol drinker
civil war drummer boy costume
but you a noble peace leader youre suppose to die for me lie down on the line
three white sheep kick black sheep off swiss flag

enjoying the read, by the way! x

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