Fotopost: La Alhambra

21 02 2011

My perspective of my second touring of Granada’s Alhambra. Took me far too long to get around to editing these, but I’m pleased with how they turned out.

Read mom’s take on the experience here.











If you’d like any of these images in a larger size, ask and ye shall receive.




5 responses

24 02 2011

Outstanding pics. I especially love the moss – I remember when you were snapping “moss” pics. . .

24 02 2011

thanks momma. it was cool to relive our walking tour of the place through editing photos – do you like how i’ve changed the “feel” of the place in some of them?

25 02 2011
Cassandra Gambill

Beautiful photos. The fourth one nearly makes me dizzy, it’s a visual roller coaster!

25 02 2011

thanks casey! you feel that precisely that way when you’re there, everything all vaults and arches, necks craned.

2 03 2011
Marty Torkington

Your shots of the Alhambra are super! That one of the green moss (?) puzzles me…looked a bit like the head of an alligator (see the “eye” in the middle?), until I saw the distant shot with the tufts of grass. And you know I love the graffiti!

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