Saturday Night: Full Throttle

12 02 2011

What it’s like, early: Hector locates the previously missing house wine – Rioja Antaño – at Ahorra Más. I bake cookies, employing a hammer to bust apart a pair of 72% dark chocolate bars with cocoa nibs.

What it’s like, later: I touch up my Wicked Witch of the West nails.

What it’s like, later still: As Marta paparazzis, Hector and I meet our groomed new selves in the mirror. Totally coincidentally, we have both decided on today as the Day of Reckoning for our long-neglected mops of hair.

What it’s like, just a smidge later: a little Morrissey, a little Elvis, a lot of curlybang, and a touch of Pac-Man.

What it’s like, latest known record: Hector, house mixologist, concocts a trio of the latest in G&Ts, each featuring elements of cucumber, lime, and grapefruit.



4 responses

13 02 2011

I would relish cocoa nibs cookies with a glass of fine Rioja Antano.

14 02 2011

i tossed in a handful of hammer-pulverized walnuts as well, which permeated the dough with a pleasing rich nuttiness without the distracting texture of the walnuts themselves. recommended!

17 02 2011

Diggin’ the “morrissey” hair!

8 06 2013
city, it’s not you. it’s me. | con tomates

[…] from the hidden park. yellowed photographic nightwalks. sambal oelek. luchana terrace cherries. rioja antaño. how many times i’ve painted my nails. that time i made it all the way back home just to bust […]

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