best things I have cooked so far in Spain

31 01 2011

whole chicken in a pot, momma style
chipotle burgers with leah‘s guacamole
3-hour bolognese
isana’s chinese eggplant-pepper-tomato-ground meat-ginger lettuce wraps
green thai curry with basil, eggplant, peas, red bell pepper, carrots, and pork
sunday afternoon valencian paella with alex and hector
happy monday bouillabaise
stuffed green pepper soup
dahl (with cardamom pods and nutmeg!)
khao soi (with pickled chinese mustard greens!)
gambas al ajillo with sam
chicken adobo – the first time I have butchered a whole chicken myself
coq au vin alla italiana
food-processor-free hummus with emily
the wednesday chef’s let-my-eggplant-go-free! sauce
smitten kitchen’s mushroom bourguignon
emeril’s chicken etouffee
ropa vieja
palak paneer (with the “burgos” cheese in place of paneer, also plus chicken)
tunisian chard and white bean stew
challah bread
fiery sweet potatoes
roasted eggplant, spinach, and cherry tomato pita

(that’s French, Spanish, Israeli, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, New Orleans, Tunisian, Arabic, Cuban, and ‘merican, in case anyone’s counting)

current food goals:
better my butchering skillz
use the frozen squid ink I found at Mercadona
make a big ole day-long pot of rice-n-beans
hold a fancy french dinner party
learn to plate
learn a few snazzy cocktail tricks
oh oh oh kalua porrrrrk (hmm. I may need to invest in a slow cooker.)
grill outside at La Tabacalera at the very first spit of spring

on the menu this week:
roast chicken with dijon sauce
lentil soup with spinach




5 responses

1 02 2011

Kalua pork – I want to return to your flat just for that….

1 02 2011

That’s a lot o’cookin’! Glad the Chicken in a Pot Momma Style gets top billing. Can’t open the link to your Chicken w/dijon sauce. . . might want.

1 02 2011

ehh, the chicken is ok. the lentils are amazing.

23 03 2011
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23 03 2011
Rocktopus! « las hermanas palomitas

[…] been on the list for ages, and my betentacled destiny beckons at last. It’s time to cook my first Spanish […]

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