Toledo Daytrip

3 10 2010

Explored Toledo one week back with Emily, Leah, and Casey. Met up with Couchsurfer Alvaro and amigos for a day of dando vueltas in the former Spanish capital, including a veritable feast of a lunch consisting of platos typical to the region.

It was simply lovely to be back in small(er)-town Spain. The big-city bustle of Madrid definitely jives with my lifestyle, but my aesthetic sense is more satisfied by curving corridor streets and beige brick facades.

It’s touristy for sure, although some of the knick-knacks do manage to be beautiful in spite of their overwrought themes. Oh Quijote, you must be so exhausted.

We minimally tour, poking our heads into the famous cathedral and posing outside like good guiris. Meeting up with Alvaro was a stroke of brilliance on my part; it transformed the day from blindly following a map from the tourist office into strolling casually with friends.

Alvaro took us to an excellent vista of the entire city, marginally captured in my photo but stunning in reality. On the right is some kind of military building – Toledo is still used for training soldiers to some extent.

Trips to Toledo must always involve either swords or marzapan. We opted for the latter, which was marvelous with hot tea.



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3 10 2010
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5 10 2010

We should go here when we visit. Toledo looks amazing. Great pics.

27 09 2011
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