26 09 2010

Remember that English-language publication we were given way back during orientation? I know it’s a stretch to contemplate our lives that far back – three weeks has somehow morphed into a lifetime – but bear with me here.

InMadrid, the city’s (self-proclaimed) number one English-language magazine, is a monthly repository of all sorts of madrileño goodies, of interest in particular to its student, ex-pat, and tourist population. This ranges from the obvious – nightlife hotspots, restaurant reviews, Madrid’s “hidden secrets,” linguistic features – to the intriguingly quirky, such as a recent photo feature of the city’s most noteworthy trees.

And of course I want to write for it.

A few days ago, I spent the precious siesta hours tidying up my dusty CV and drafting a professional-esque letter of inquiry to Jeff, InMadrid’s current Editor in Chief. He responded with interest, and we set a coffee date for this afternoon just outside InMadrid headquarters, near the Sevilla metro station.

Jeff is a British ex-pat, and has spent the previous six years in various parts of Spain. He’s immediately amiable, and we get chatty about Thailand, advertising, the Spanish publishing industry, and what kinds of tactics to take when putting together articles for the magazine. Yessss! My inquiries have scored me a promising freelance connection.

I’m currently putting together a list of article proposals to send Jeff for the November issue – one will certainly be a focus on the Atocha neighborhood, in the style of the Salamanca article from the September edition the Fulbrighters received. Your further ingenious ideas welcomed.




3 responses

26 09 2010
Cassandra Gambill

Congrats on the awesome opportunity! Where can I pick up a copy of the next InMadrid? (Linnette magically procured them, and I want to work the same magic.) And, Janel, you must focus on some sort of foodstuff, a que si?

P.S. Speaking of gastronomy, I thought you might find this article on Madrid’s best taco joint interesante:

26 09 2010

Go for it! They would be lucky to have you. Did you happen to take along a copy of LookEast. . .? Good luck!

28 09 2010

This sounds great! Foodstuff focus, yes. An article on Madrid’s Asian eateries maybe. Secret places to buy cilantro. You know, things that turn you on. Nice going.

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