“Tapas” Nite in La Latina – fotopost

19 09 2010



9 responses

20 09 2010

Love reading and seeing the place through your fingertips and camera lens. What is the wiry thingy emerging from that wine bottle?

20 09 2010

Straws. Was a very hip place!

20 09 2010

uuuy me encanta la de las aceitunas. maybe slightly more angled girl in the back? diff color? dunno…. but fkn spectacular! la de abajo con las lamparas tmbn ta bien chida!

21 09 2010

i am def getting better as i figure out how to use my new toy!!

20 09 2010

Love the pic of the leg of jamon! Cool place – take us there!

21 09 2010

it’s a deal! got your ticket yet??

21 09 2010
Cassandra Gambill

Great low-light shots!

21 09 2010

gracias! been admiring your photowork as well; glad someone else is as fixated on documentation as i am!

23 09 2010

i am falling hard for Spain, but it looks even better through your lens. teach me your ways chica. x

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