Cortinas Metalicas

17 09 2010

The Spanish dawn is rather gray and drizzly this morning, which is actually quite a pleasant contrast to the furiously sunny spate we’ve had for the past several days. Fausto, Em, Marta, and I mill about the piso, slowly adjusting to the daytime hours. My breakfast of coffee and a cold boiled egg fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Here’s your first glimpse of Marta, third housemate and also an English teacher. She enjoys lentejas for lunch.

Emily and I have been talking about an herb garden for some time, and today’s the day to follow through. The vendor claims our new rosemary, basil, and mint plants will thrive if we love on them just a little bit.

Fausto receives a telephone call, which sends a spark of energy through him.

He explains –
Me han ofrecido cortinas metalicas del teatro; voy a por ellas.
(“I’ve been offered metal curtains from the theatre; I’m gonna go get them.”)

Our response? –
Ah, vale, hasta pronto.
(“Oh, ok, see you shortly.”)

… cortinas metalicas?

Fausto’s pretty direct.

He hangs them in “his room,” which has a pull-out bed and doubles as storage since he doesn’t usually sleep here. They actually suit. It’s just another day in the piso.




3 responses

17 09 2010

Good luck with the herb garden – it would be wonderful to be able to pluck fresh ones.

The “cortinas metalicas” are interesante. . .

24 09 2010

😀 , i’ve got to unhang and put them in another site, where can be showed!

24 09 2010

siiii, cuando se adquiere algo tan unico hay que compartirlo con el mundo!!

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