Cien Montaditos

9 09 2010

In the midst of piso-hunting today, Sam and I managed to meet up at 100 Montaditos, a chain of restaurants known for – can you guess? – one hundred different teeny sandwiches. You order via checking boxes on an extensive menu card, which includes the hundred sammies plus drinks and such. I went for tortilla con salsa brava, carne con guacamole, and jamon york con cebolla crujiente y compote de frutas rojas, plus a cold caña.

Oh baby. These are toasty lil buddies, and massively satisfying (especially the guac… yes please). I totally want to try them all, and they’re just an euro apiece.

This “caña” was also a euro. Jeez. No wonder this place is popular with Erasmus kids.




3 responses

10 09 2010

What a great concept – love the montaditos. I wonder if you will make it through the entire carte?

13 12 2010
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6 05 2012
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