The One-Week Countdown

30 08 2010

One week ’til Fulbright orientation in Madrid! Must be time to start another blog.

One year ago, I was wrapping up my Scottsdale TEFL course in preparation for heading towards Grand Adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.

This year, I am making paneer in preparation for another iteration of Indian Nite at the Torkingtons’.

I’m actively attempting not to anticipate; I do semi-understand my way around the quirks of Spanish culture, but I feel like it’s wise to treat Madrid as a whole new experience. I’ve read loads of exciting words about it being a vivacious and multifaceted spot on the globe, and I am much looking forward to exploring nooks/crannies.

A rather sizable chunk of the time will be dedicated to Fulbright-related activity – in regards to which I have even less of an idea of what it might look like. I’ll be helping out as a representative native English speaker in a bilingual secondary school in Tres Cantos, a community pertaining to Madrid but 25 kilometers north of the the center city. This means I will be working with 12-16-year-olds, definitely on the finer points of English grammar but also likely in other subject areas as well. Whispers of a Model UN project float about the Fulbright literature; not sure what that might actually entail.

Bought a load of “work clothes” this summer, including the button down white collar shirt (also featured in gray and stripes, thank you H&M). Will write up a packing list….. eventually…..

In this moment I am anticipating thick, eggy tortilla and a cold Estrella Damm.




One response

3 09 2010
Alice Weisling

Janel, I’m looking forward to following this blog. Enjoy your trip to Madrid and you Fulbright activitiesl

Love, G’ma

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